how can ppc benefit you

The Best PPC Channels [Study]

Marketers up and down the land claim that text ads have always been and will always be the most effective advertising channel for PPC marketing.

How can PPC benefit you?

PPC is powerful because it positions your business at the top of the first page for keywords that would normally be very hard to rank for. So you have the ability to generate capital in your business without having to wait months to start seeing any results.

PPC can be great for all kinds of business models. Whether you build profitable niche affiliate marketing websites, do dropshipping or provide SAAS products, PPC can help you grow your business and take it to the next level.

For example, an entrepreneur called Sam Ovens, is known for spending over one million dollars a month on PPC ads. This would be the perfect person to conduct a case study on as typically, people who spend a lot on ads have a lot of room for optimisation and general improvement.

Sam advertises his consulting accelerator course to business opportunity seekers. He uses PPC ads to drive traffic through his marketing funnel.

According to recent research completed by Hanapin Marketing, it turns out that text ads are in fact, the most effective advertising channel for PPC marketing.

The report was based on information from a survey that was completed. This was a survey of 183 agency marketers in the US, UK and Canada.

  • Around 86% of the companies surveyed say that text PPC advertising has been the most effective method of advertising for them in 2016.
  • Remarketing comes in at a fairly close second, with 65%, followed by mobile advertising at 56%.
  • Around 83% of companies surveyed said that they either feel good or very good about the performance of their PPC campaigns this year. 11% say their efforts have been fair, 6% poor and 1% very poor.

Almost three-quarters of agencies surveyed said they feel much better about their PPC advertising strategies compared to last year.

This survey presents some interesting findings. Agencies are increasingly refining their PPC marketing strategies and getting better results for their clients as a result of this.

This is most likely at least partly due to the increase in the amount of optimisation information out there for agencies. We have so much amazing free information at our fingertips when it comes to all things PPC. It isn’t difficult to set up a profitable campaign with the wealth of information we all have access to.