The PPC Landing Page Technique No-One Uses

Landing pages are the lifeblood of any advertising campaign. They are specifically designed to collate and present information is such a way that encourages the user to complete a certain action. These pages are very effective at generating leads for businesses of all industries.

A search for landing page tips will bring up hundreds of articles full of best practice advice on how to optimise your page in the best possible way. You’ll find that many of the top internet marketing experts say the same thing when it comes to increasing conversion rates on landing pages.

ppc landing page tips

It makes perfect sense right? Until it stops working.

I have always been a great believer in keeping things simple and making lead buy-in steps super-easy for prospects until I learnt more about human psychology and persuasion.

Neil, Peep and Oli are all correct. Simplifying landing page forms in most cases does product better results, BUT this definitely isn’t always the case.

Get this:

By removing all the non-essential form fields, you’re left with fields that ask for the prospects name, number and email address…. the fields that the prospect find the most threatening to complete!

Think i’m talking absolute nonsense?

Well here is some proof:

An artificial grass installing company had been sending PPC traffic to their website for quite some time. To test out an alternative approach, they create a two-step opt-in form, with additional fields added to the conversion process. More information to fill out!

This is what the first step looked like:

Notice how zero personal information was requested in this step?

This is how the second stage of the form looked like…

The form headline on the second part gives a good reason to ask for the person information. “where can we send it?” affirms to the prospect that the information he/she is about to fill in is only going to be used to send the quote details to them.

This is what the results looked like:

214% increase in conversion rate.

Substantial increase in lead quality as a result of asking for more information.

Why on earth did this happen?

When a visitor sees that the first step is to fill in their personal details, they know they won’t get an answer to their question right away. They might also be wary of a sales person calling them, hence the reluctance to fill in the their information.

With multi-step landing pages, you can get people to take that first step and make that commitment, this is absolutely crucial to your prospect investing their information in exchange for your offer.

Dr Robert Cialdini, the author of the book “Psychology Of Persuasion”

No matter what your landing page goals, adding more steps and fields can work wonders to your conversion rates. Just make sure that the first step isn’t begging for the visitors personal information. Make it more about what you can do for them.

When someone lands on your page, they don’t care about you. They’re just thinking about what you can do for them. Framing your questions in a way that offers value to the prospect is a sure-fire way of increasing your conversion rates.