How To Use PPC To Generate Affiliate Sales

Affiliate marketing is now one of the most common business models on the internet. You probably haven’t realised the sheer scope of implementation. Thousands upon thousands of companies operate affiliate programs. Affiliate marketing is showing no sign of slowing down. People all over the world are leveraging the power of high paying affiliate programs to become self-reliant and self-sufficient online.


What is PPC advertising?

Pay-per-click advertising is when you buy ads to display your results at the top of the search engines for your target keywords. So when someone searches for your target keyword, your ad will be displayed usually in one of the top positions on the page.

Here is an example of a paid ad listing in Google:

These four results are all advertisements that companies are paying for. It’s worth mentioning that the ads are a lot more non-descript than they used to be. Previously the ads on Google would have a highlighted orange background differentiating the paid listings from the organic ones. Today, things are a lot more integrated.

At face value, PPC operates a very straight-forward advertising model. You only get charged when someone actually clicks through to your ad.

Once you start doing some digging though, things are a lot more complex. These platforms use various methods to determine the position of your ad in the search results. For example with Google Adwords, it isn’t just a case of outbidding your competition and paying more for each click. Google wants to make as much money as they can out of you so if they observe an ad that is bidding lower but performing better, this ad will get a boost in ranking.

This goes back to Google’s quality metrics. They want to display the most relevant ads to searchers so if your ads aren’t getting many clicks, you can find yourself at the bottom of the first page.

Why should you use PPC advertising to generate sales for your affiliate offers? 

Many affiliates shy away from PPC because they believe it has too much competition and isn’t cost effective. What they don’t realise is that paid advertising can be one of the fastest ways to generate sales online.

Trying to rank your website in Google through SEO is playing a long game, and most people fail anyway. With paid advertising, you’re able to leverage the power of immediately being placed in front of your target audience.

If you want to start using paid advertising, you need to make sure you don’t have a crappy affiliate website. Google especially are becoming more strict with their advertising guidelines so if your site sucks, you might either want to consider an overhaul or stick to organic methods!

The bottom line is that you want your website to become an asset for your business. What’s the point of building a thin affiliate website when Google won’t like you because ultimately you’re not providing a good customer experience. Building a business for the long term involves investing your time and effort into creating something valuable to people. This is the only way to foster long-term success in when it comes to online business.