A Step-By-Step Guide To Multi-Step Landing Pages

Multi-step landing pages are quite simply, the most effective way to explode your landing page conversions. This marketing technique is based on human psychology. It has been scientifically proven that once we take that first step with something, we feel compelled to complete what we started.

This isn’t some way of manipulating people into filling out forms and increasing our conversation rates. It is simply a better way to showcase the services you have to offer, by putting your focus on the customer’s needs, wants and desires. The customer always comes first. We all know that!

Having a CTA on your landing page that asks for your visitor’s personal information straight away is a massive turn off! Your visitors want to take things slow – you can’t just jump straight in for a kiss when you meet someone for the first time!

How multi-step landing pages work:


Your landing page form asks a question related to the product or service that you offer. This question has a threat level of basically zero! That means that you aren’t asking for any personal information whatsoever.

For example:

This four step landing page scored some absolutely insane stats: 

a 311% increase in conversion.

73% reduction in cost per conversion (CPL)

74% more leads.

These are numbers that most marketing managers merely dream of.

Asking the visitor for their zip code to see if they qualify makes them feel like the service you offer is exclusive to their location.

Other questions you can ask could be: 

How soon do you need help?

What city are you in?

How many employees in your organisation?


Your landing page asks for more specific information, so you can tailor your quote to their needs. Things like type, quantity or hours of service required can be additional questions to ask your prospect.


You tell the prospect that you’re collating all the information together and that you need their information to send out a personalised quote. This is the point where you ask for their personal information.

Most people understand that creating a quote requires filling in of some information, and now that you’ve got them to complete two steps already, they much more likely to complete the last one.

Multi-step landing pages work way better than their single step counterparts for a number of reasons:

  1. People Just Don’t Have Time – The internet shopper is more smart and savvy than ever. Many tried and test online marketing methods are dying out because people just don’t buy into it anymore. When using a single step landing page, more often than not, your prospect won’t fill in their information because they don’t want to be called by 10 companies trying to sell them something. A multi-step landing page is much less threatening and you immediately separate yourself from the competition by installing an element of trust into your prospect.
  2. People Are Impatient – Our world is a crazy place. We’ve now got more distractions than ever before in history. Everything happens so quickly. If you’re using a single-step landing page, your prospects aren’t getting an answer to their questions right away. With multi-step pages, they’re increasingly curious to find out more. They don’t know if completing the first step will give them the answer they want but filling in a zip code is a hell of a lot less threatening than their personal details.
  3. People Assume They’re Getting What They Want – The biggest improvement with multi-step landing pages is that people assume they’re getting an answer to their question on the last step. Visitors nowadays are super-savvy, they know you can’t just pull a quote out of your ass with just some personal details. That’s why it makes perfect sense to ask those pre-qualifying questions first. When you get your visitors to go through this little micro-steps you’re getting more investment and commitment from them each time. This makes it much more likely for them to complete the final step in the process.